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Recent TWiLs

Catching up: here are the videos from episodes 129-133 of This WEEK in LAW!

All the show pages, with links to discussion points and more info, are at TWiT.tv/twil.

TWiL is on Twitter and Facebook, if you're so inclined. Please also rate the show in iTunes.


FourCast 52 Video &mdash Subscribe To The Perfect Memory

If you haven't yet checked out FourCast, please do, it's a fantastic show hosted by Tom Merritt and Scott Johnson. The premise: four Netizens engage in unbridled conjecture and wild-assed guess about the future of, well, whatever they want. It's interesting and funny, and makes you think. They were kind enough to have me on this episode along with Iyaz Akhtar. In less than an hour's time we managed to completely do away with the judicial system and, really, society as we know it. What could be more fun?